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Our Programmes

At Junior Champs, we believe children are curious learners and they learn best through play and exploration. Lessons are conducted with hands-ons activities such as sorting / matching games, craft work, cookery, experiments and group work etc. Through our activity based curriculum, teachers use activities to re-inforce concepts and children are more engaged in their learning.

We provide a holistic bilingual preschool programme for children from 18 months to 6 years old.  

We adopt an integrated curriculum which covers the 6 learning areas under the MOE’s Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Framework which includes Aesthetics and Creative Expressions (A&C), Discovery of the World (DOW), Language & Literacy (L&L), Motor Skills Development (MSD), Numeracy (NUM), Social & Emotional Development (SED),

Our bilingual curriculum approach is characterized by our:

  • Thematic Integrated Programme and
  • Language Mastery Programme

Besides our Thematic Integrated Programme (TIP) and the Language Mastery Programme, we have the following programmes to provide a holistic preschool education: –

  • Fun with Numeracy
  • Art Enrichment
  • Gym and Multi-Sports Programme
We believe in thematic learning whereby children get to explore and acquire new knowledge in different areas and topics that they can relate in their daily lives.

In our Thematic Integrated Programme (TIP), children will be introduced to the main theme of the term and subsequently extend out to sub-themes which are interrelated to gain a holistic understanding of the world that we live in.

Building a strong foundation in both the English and Chinese Languages is important during the preschool years as it helps them to be competent and confident learners when they progress to primary school and in years to come.

Our Language Mastery Programme aims to build the children’s language foundation through the basic language skills – listening skills, oral skills, reading skills and writing skills.

Components in our English Language Mastery Programme includes listening skills activities, rhymes / songs / story time, picture talk, show & tell, story-telling, Alphabet Fun, reading programme, Letterland Phonics, grammar, comprehension and creative and journal writing.

In our Chinese Language Mastery Programme, apart from the foundation skills such as Character Parts (偏旁部首), strokes (笔画) and Han Yu Pin Yin(汉语拼音) children will also be introduced to Chinese idioms through stories. Children will also be given opportunities to practice oratory and comprehension skills through story telling and picture talk.

Our ‘Fun with Numeracy Programme’ is a progressive numeracy programme whereby children learn mathematical skills and concepts from basic to complex. Mathematical skills and concepts such as counting, sorting, matching, classification, grouping, comparison, patterning and so on are introduced using hands-on experiences, games and activities to help children build their basic understanding and foundation so that they are able to grasp more challenging ideas as they progressed.
We recognise the benefits on children in learning art at an early age as children often express themselves through drawing and colouring, besides through verbal communications.

With an early introduction to arts, children will be equipped with an additional skill to express their thoughts and also learn to understand others. Besides expressions, learning art also helps children to be observant to details, make decisions such as choice of shapes and colours and also problem solving.

Fundamental Movement Skills forms the basis of our Physical Development programme. We adopt the SportsKids’ Gym and Multi-sports Programme as our core Physical Development Programme.

The Gym Programme focuses on the development and refinement of fundamental movement skills (i.e. locomotor, object control and stability skills).

This programme places a strong emphasis on creating a positive experience for young children to acquire skills which include running, jumping, throwing, balancing, etc. in a safe and assisted setting before transiting to more complex activities such as balancing on a balancing beam and attempting various gym circuits.

With a good mastery of these skills, children will be more proficient and confident to pick up sports at an older age.

The Multi-sports Programme focuses on the application of fundamental movement skills and the acquisition of sports specific skills.

This programme seeks to pique the children’s interest in physical activities and to build up a strong foundation in their fundamental movement skills via introductory classes to various selected sports with differing skill sets, making it easier for them to pick up any sport in the future.

Every child will also learn to work in a team, while picking up the importance of discipline and sportsmanship that goes a long way into shaping their characters

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